Our Mission

R.A. “Bob” Hoover was the first person to be inducted into the ICAS Foundation Hall of Fame.

The ICAS Foundation receives and administers donations of funds, articles or artifacts to achieve the following goals:

  1. To recognize and preserve the legacy of the aerial performer.
    1. We engage in the identification and preservation of articles or artifacts of historical value to the air show industry.
    2. We commemorate those who have contributed to the air show industry through the ICAS Foundation Hall of Fame.
    3. We document the production, sponsorship, promotion, and organization of the air show industry from the beginning of flight to the present time.
  2. To award monetary student scholarships to support the pilots, mechanics and performers of the future.
  3. To assist families of those in the air show industry who have been struck by tragedy.
  4. To undertake programs to educate and enhance the knowledge of the public about the air show industry.

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Upcoming Dates

December 3-6, 2018 ICAS Convention in Las Vegas
December 31, 2018 Scholarship Applications Due
August 1, 2019 Hall of Fame Nominations Due