Bill Bordeleau

Bill Bordeleau has entertained millions since 1962 at air shows throughout the United States and Canada. In addition to his visible and long-time role as the "dean" of North American air show announcers, Bordeleau has provided sound systems, air boss services and special events programming for hundreds of air shows.

But it is Bordeleau's role as the heart and organizational memory of ICAS and the entire business that has distinguished his career in air shows. It is an understatement to say that ICAS may not exist today were it not for the devotion of Bill and his wife Darlene. In the early 70's, he made sure there was ongoing communications with members and prospective members. He was responsible for putting together an annual meeting when it was too small to call it the "ICAS Convention." And he made a point of knowing everyone personally for the purpose of understanding what was needed to make ICAS work and to make the organization prosper. If the members of ICAS have any appreciation for what ICAS means to them, if they value the benefits of education, training, safety programs and networking with fellow industry people, then some measure of thanks must go to Bill Bordeleau.

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