Scholarship Winners

The International Council of Airshows Foundation presented seven aviation scholarships to help pilots, aircraft mechanics, performers and flight instructors of the future complete the necessary training (certificate and degree training) to reach their goals. Scholarship amounts ranged from $1,500 up to $4,000.

The following scholarships were awarded:

The ICAS Foundation/GAMA Scholarship ($2,000) was presented to Taylor McConnell of West Lafayette, IN.

The Jan Jones Memorial Scholarship ($2,000) was awarded to Allison Hoyt of Tulsa, OK.

The Lovelace-Drake Memorial Scholarship ($2,000) was presented to Julia Hamlin of Schaumburg, IL.

The Sean DeRosier Memorial Scholarship ($1,500) was awarded to Andrew Ritschel of Middleburg Hts, OH.

The Charlie Hillard Memorial Scholarhip ($2,000) was presented to Lauren Savage of Fort Worth, TX.

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