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Chuck Newcomb

Chuck Newcomb

In a career that has now spanned portions of five different decades, Chuck Newcomb has distinguished himself as among the very best air show event organizers in the world.

Chuck was introduced to the business during a two-year tour as Blue Angel Number Eight. As the team's event coordinator and public affairs coordinator, he planned an ambitious tour of Europe in 1973, expanded the Blue Angel Support Manual, and saw air shows from the perspective of both the team and event organizers.

After leaving the Navy in 1974, Chuck started what has become a life-time career by producing a small show near Dallas. A few months later, he began his relationship with the Cleveland National Air Show, a partnership that has now lasted 40 years.

Since then, Chuck has organized air shows from Dallas to Detroit, from Miami to Colorado, and everywhere in between - more than 150 different air shows and other aviation events. In 1990, he organized Jaguar America's 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain air show tour. He also spearheaded the historic Russian MiG Friendship Tour of North America in 1991, and participated in the 500th Anniversary Columbus' Discover America Tour with Italy's Fre-chee Tricolori military jet team in 1992. Chuck helped to open Denver International Airport in 1993 with a massive air show and open house. He also planned and conducted the 100th Anniversary of Flight Dayton Air Show in 2003.

He is a past recipient of the ICAS Sword of Excellence, an 18-year veteran of the ICAS Board of Directors, and a former chairman of the ICAS Board. More than 30 years ago, Chuck advocated for and conducted the first ICAS Air Show Spectator Survey, a biennial tradition that is now more than three decades old. As a Board member in 1986, he helped to identify and recruit the first full-time ICAS executive director.

Nearly 25 years ago, he wrote the manual, designed the course outline, and ran the first Air and Ground Safety Seminar, a program that has since been offered to more than 2,000 air show professionals during the last quarter century.

Newcomb's most important contribution to the air show business has been his commitment to bringing business principles into the management and execution of the air shows with which he has been affiliated. From site evaluation, budgeting and ticketing control to marketing, manpower coordination and development of an entertaining air show event schedule, he is the very definition of an air show professional. And he has actively shared the experience and knowledge he has developed during the last four decades with his air show colleagues all over North America.

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