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Sean DeRosier Memorial Scholarship Application

Qualifications: The recipient must be a male or female between the ages of 17 and 31. Recipient must use the scholarship to acquire aerobatic flight training (a private pilot’s license is required) or an A&P license (a private pilot’s license is not required).

Application Procedures

1. Below, please include a one-page essay on why you want to receive the Sean DeRosier Memorial Scholarship, how the funds will be used, your goals, and why you wish to acquire aerobatic training or pursue an A&P license.

2. Below, please include biographical and demographic information, using the format provided. This information may be used for ICAS Foundation press releases about the scholarships program.

3. Please include a copy of your state issued driver’s license or your birth certificate as proof of age.

4. Submit this completed application form to


6. Application submissions received prior to the selection cutoff date will be considered by the selection committee for the current year. Submissions received after the cutoff date are held for consideration in the following year.

In the event you are selected, you will be asked to provide a high-resolution digital photograph of yourself. The photo must be at least 300 dpi at 3.5×5 inches; photos of this quality can be produced from digital cameras with a minimum of 2 megapixels. Photos produced on a camera-phone cannot be used.

Prior Important Dates

August 31, 2021 • Hall of Fame Nominations Due
December 6-9, 2021 • ICAS Convention in Las Vegas
December 31, 2021 • Scholarship Applications Due

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